My Offer:

My photoHi Guys! My name is Daniel! I built cloud GPU servers and I am renting them to data science teams like yours or 3D Rendering! I was an active programmer for nearly 20 years.

I understand many requirements and nuances of data science infrastructure.

My Servers:

I have several servers with NVidia RTX 3090 24GB, RTX A4000 16GB, 1080ti, 1070ti.

They can be configured as needed, for example I can set multiple GPUs on 1.

I have dual Xeon server and other CPUs and different RAM configurations.

Chat with me for a deal, let me know what kind of project do you have


Currnetly runing Windows 10. I can install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and all the Python stack, TensorFlow, docker, Caffe2, and Blender.

You can install your own docker container or use what's already preinstalled.

I give SSH remote access as well as remote desktop connection to the actual Desktop GUI of Ubuntu, which has PyCharm Python IDE and you can debug your program easier and generally working with a gui is a lot more productive sometimes than just fiddling with a terminal. Nobody else offers this.

About me

I opened in 2012, it's a similar cloud service but for iOS developers that need Mac. Check the customer reviews on I am also a co-founder of Spline Technologies, a company specializing in ASP, VBScript and JavaScript debugging tools, since 1999:, and we also develop interesting iOS apps:,


The key difference is you are dealing with 1 person, me, and you can chat with me and I can help you. No support tickets, multiple levels of support, talking to illiterate staff, etc... We all know what I am talking about...

My goal is to make you guys use these machines for your advantage. It just excites me!

Why do I do this? - And how did it start.

It excites me to realise that people connect to my server and calculate their neural networks. I feel the value in it for people! At first I was not even thinking about data science. I just bought GPUs with basic CPU for crypto mining, and it worked fine. But then I really wanted to make this hardware calculate something meaningful. Naturally the GPUs are needed in Data Science. But to do that I needed to seriously upgrade the rest and learn a ton of Linux, Python and Tensorflow APIs. I am a programmer and I started testing Tensorflow code and immediately realized that the only thing that can be reused are the GPUs. The rest has to be upgraded primarily because of serious lack of PCI Express Lanes. And some people say: "Oh they are not important". Well, they are very wrong. Ideally PCIex 3.0 8+ Lanes are needed per each GPU, otherwise you do not get any performance gain from adding an extra GPU. If you just add a GPU on PCIEx 1 lane, you are better off completely without that GPU. So pure mining rigs will never work for data science, not to mention they don't have enough CPU and RAM.

So I built this beast of a machine.


Why don't I just buy a powerful server myself?

The servers don't work by themselves... They cost a lot, but apart from that these machines require maintenance and support as they overheat and require a desk size space and a lot of electricity. Luckily my crypto-mining past dealt exactly with this issue and I solved it so my machines don't overheat. But trust me, if you've never done that before, it's a hell of a job to make these machines run cool and just to find space for them. Every square foot of your office costs a lot of money per month.

Also these machines require physical and IT maintenance and many of you will have to hire an extra team member just to make sure the machine works. It's a lot of money. It's a completely different expertise from python programming and fiddling with tensorflow...

Also after your project is done they will be collecting dust or just running some basic tests and in a year or 2 they will be outdated by the next generation of GPUs and CPUs.

That's why my cloud solution is so much more cost effective.

It's not just a machine, it's the whole IT service that makes it work for you.


This is a long term business project for me and as more customers come in I will add more servers.

Customers Say:


"Daniel provided a machine that was 10% faster for the same spec I could get elsewhere, was always on hand to solve any issues and gave a great service, recommended indeed. Thanks again, if this project is successful then I'll be back with a much bigger project!! " - Ben,

"thank you for your support and service. I can feel my money's worth " - Zohir

- for now I took the actual comments from my, also a cloud business
As more customers use my GPUClub, I will put their comments here.

"thanks for your help! best service i have seen in a long while" - Scott, US

"I was able to successfully do all the stuff I needed to. ​​I just wanted to say thank you again for your great support - and thanks, as always, for setting up such a great platform.
Your service rocks! " - Eli, Israel

"First of all - it's really fast, considering this is a TeamViewer session :)! I am very satisfied!" - Mihailo, Serbia

"You're the best! Next time I have need, for sure I will subscribe again." - William, US

"Thank you for providing such an amazing service, its saving me an absolute massive amount of money" - Patrick, US

"I take this opportunity to thank you for all your support these days. A big hug!" - Francisco, Brazil

"Everything is running smooth and your instructions are very well written. Thank you :)" - Chris, US

"Yeah, thanks! You are very nice. Best customer service I've ever had!." - Lawrence, US

"I like everything you wrote in your website. Almost purchased from the big "ones" but I believe every word written by you." - Ron, US

"Youre a legend. Thanks Daniel. Very impressed with the machine so far." - Dean, South Africa

"I would like to thank you for the great service which helped my organisation get set up with xcode compilation on your pre-built setup on day one. Great value and excellent service" - many thanks, Dominic, UK

"thank you for the excellent service, really quite impressed. " - Vik, US

"hey! xcodeclub was an amazing resource for me, and worked exactly as advertised" - Kevin, US

"Thank you for all your fast technical support during my development, it really helped!" - Joshua, Australia

"Your service was highly useful, and I was able to complete my project successfully" - Patrick, Canada

"Thanks for your help. Impressed with the performance so far, much better than every other I was using before!" - Bradley, Thailand

"I wanted to thank you for the quality and prices for you services, and at the speed you had me set-up.
You do care about your customers and do offers great support." - Jean, Canada

"Thanks a lot! I really liked your service." - Raul, Brazil

"Thank you for setting it up so quickly and everything. It's such a cool idea, and way better than any alternative service out there" - Amy, US

"I just wanted to let you know that I was really satisfied with the service and already spread a word about it among my friends" - Adam, Poland

"Anyway compliments for the offered service! I loved it" - Alberto, Italy

"I'll reach you back asap and hire the service again. It was just perfect! Many thanks!" - Alvaro, Brazil

"It works and solved my audio problems.THANK YOU!!!haha" - William, Singapore

"Thanks for your amazingly excellent service!!!" - Tuval, Israel

"Thanks for XCodeClub's service. I used it for study purposes for a while and it worked amazingly." - Pedro, Brazil

"awesome, thanks. It's working great - thanks for quick setup :). I'm a .NET developer trying to get into iOS development, and I don't yet have a Mac, so this is ideal whilst I'm learning the basics. Thanks!" - Tom, UK

"You’re an absolute star. I’m more than happy to recommend your service. I’ll do that on FB if you like. Thank you for the time and for answering all the dumb questions. A really personalised and professional experience. All the best man." - Duncan, UK

"this is a very good service wow man thanks" - Paul, US

"Daniel is amazing person who provides amazing service! Thank you. Everything was great!" - Pavel, Germany

"I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for this excellent service. I’ve been using Xcodeclub a little more now and I am very pleased with everything. It is incredibly easy and exactly how you described it on your website. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat." - Dave, US

"It's been a HUGE help and I really appreciate it! I no longer need it, but will most definitely in the future. Thanks for you help!" - Dean, US

"You have been awesome and I will highly recommend to any and everyone!" - Brian, US

"It was a pleasure to use your VM the past month. I had no issues and performance from South Africa was very good, far better than MacinCloud, MacStadium or HostMyAplle." - Dewald, South Africa

"It was really great!! Thanks man, you deserve a medal for your good service ;)" - Bernahrd, Austria

"You give great service. I will recommend you to everyone using XCode." - Michael, Canada

"Thank you! You are awesome. Good luck in your business!" - Omar, US

"Thanks for your service. It's been a great help" - Bridgette, US

"All looks good. You just saved me $1, (I know you know it but I want you to smile)." - Bill, Australia

"Your service is even better than MacStadium, and that was on a dedicated Mac mini!" - Dewald, South Africa

"Your service is ideal for me. I can now do my packaging into an app and my qa for MAC and state that it has been tested on a Mac without having to borrow somebody's as an imposition to them and a delay to me." - Mark, CA

"Im coming from, and their service is absolutely TERRIBLE! We can hardly compile our iOS app
Your Mac is Super Fast!!! Once we get this working we'll contact you about setting up two more :)" - Michael, NY

"Hi Daniel, I just subscribed to your website. I wanna say thanks for making such an amazing service available for that amount of money" - Patrick, Netherlands

"thanks man, you are one of the best online service I met!" - Jedd, Malasya

"I am extremely satisfied with the service. Thanks again!" - Shaji, CA, USA

"Your service and support has been 5 stars, thanks!" - Mark, GA, USA

"Thank you so much for everything and you have brought me much closer to my dreams!" - Matt, CA, USA

"Thanks. Your service has worked wonders for me! I will recommend it to others!" - Chase, FL, USA

"By the way - your setup really rocks! It has worked perfectly.
Thanks again for getting it setup so quickly." - Jason, ME, USA

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great customer support and service. I'm really glad I found your site and get the chance to use your service.
I have been absolutely blown away at your remote desktop speed and connectivity.
Your service is head and shoulders above your competitors and can't recommend your service strongly enough." - John, PA, USA

"It works like a charm! No need to buy expensive Mac. Already diving into Xamarin and SWIFT. Very cool!"-Gleb, USA

"Wow. This is really excellent, very responsive!
Thank you Daniel.  This is a great service you are running." - Eric, OH, USA
"You're amazing, this is much better than MacInCloud. Thanks!! " - Jay, OK, USA
"The speed is awesome, it's really fast. It's better than your competition!!!" - Lisa, PA, USA
"I've been extremely impressed both with the quality of the product and especially your support which has been exceptional. It is rare to find places online that are so helpful." - Jason, Australia
"I think its an awesome service :) if I come back to that project, I will definitely use XCodeClub." - David, Australia
"Daniel, well done! I enjoyed your VM. Good service. I'll recommend it." - Jose, Spain
"Keep going and grow this business. You seem to be the best option among others" - Jose, Spain

"Deployed within 16 minutes! I applaud you sir! Lol. Amazon is slower" - John, Netherlands
"your service is great, helped me a lot!!! " - Daniel, Germany

"great! seems like an awesome service. :) not to mention good support :D" -Raina, USA
"I just tested and it works great! Thanks!" - Filipe, Brazil
"it is very much worth the money !!!" - Atsushi, Japan
"wow! you did that for are really kind indeed...thanks again!...
world would be better if anybody was like you ;-)" - Mark, Italy
"I <3 you!" :-) - Vagelis, Greece

"!!! You are my hero!" - Vagelis, Greece

"you r the best" - Shiya, NY, USA

"You're awesome. Thanks" - Ted, DC, USA

"Thanks, it was very, very helpful" - Norm, USA

"Brilliant!! Thanks for setting it up so quickly. " - Nitya, Australia

"yep! Thank you again!! You are the BEST!" - Jason, USA

"Thank you for creating something like this for people like me without a mac." - Maricia, USA

"wonderful. :-) we need more people like you."

"Данил! Спасибо! Очень приятно с тобой иметь дело!" - Pavel, Germany

"Oh, I just wanted to say that your offering/Service is great and I will recommend it to anyone
I do hope you grow your business to be very successful" - Brendan Wood, Ireland

"I'm very excited! I love mobile and appreciate what you do - thank you very much!" - John NY USA

"yep! Thank you again!! You are the BEST!"- Jason USA

"Daniel: So how is the speed?
Jerrian: Excellent! I am sold" - Jerrian, USA

"Your service was awesome" - Randy, USA

"Thanks for your service. I would be more than willing to recommend your services to others." - Gary, Australia

"Thanks Daniel. Awesome service! I look forward to using it!"- Andrew, USA

"It was really helpful and will recommend your services to friends" – Shiya, USA

"Yes. Thanks for the service. It was very helpful." –Ghazenfer, USA

"Your offering is excellent and I would recommend it" - Edel, UK
"I will use again your service because is very good and fast" - Andres, USA

"Thanks Daniel, you rock!" - Jason, USA

"You have a great service, in my opinion the best one can find. " - Leonid, DC, USA

"Yup... it was a great service!" - Alexander, USA

"I can’t stress enough how happy I am that I found your service before I invested in a Mac." - Michael, CT, USA

"I'd also like to thank you for the service you provide, and it's been awesome.
Definitely faster than the others I've tried." - Matias, Argentina

"Keep up the great service, and I'll be sure to use it again and recommend it to my friends" - Matias, Argentina

"Thank you for Your service! You are doing a great job!!!" - Morten, Norway

"Loving your service so far. It works really well!" - Ervin, Australia

"so really just need Dropbox and whatever SDK I want? honestly you made that way too easy" - Jason, Maine, US
";-) Thank you, and thanks for working on weekends" - Jason, Maine, US

"Thank you very, very much for doing that, it is greatly appreciated" - Chris, UK

"thank you for your awesome service and incredible fast setup" - Maik, Germany

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